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1. Lessons For Life - English (The Complete Set) with AudioMate - 1 DVD-ROM + 1 Audio CD
5. Lessons For Life - English - Beginner Level
t1. Lessons For Life - English (The Complete Set) - FOR THAI USERS
7. Lessons For Life - English - Advanced Level
4. Practical English Conversations
7. Lessons For Life - English - Advanced Level

Lessons For Life - English - Advanced Level 
is comprised of:

1) 10 Units
2) 90 plus Activities and Tests
3) 100 Conversations

Total:  1 CD-ROM

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BENEFITS:Advanced English

* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
All products are backed by 30-Day Money-Back guarantee.

* 30-Day Return Policy
Return any product within 30 days from the date of purchase.

* Fun and Easy to Use
Learn English effectively while you have fun. User-friendly
interface with simple, intuitive and clear navigation.

* Self-Paced
Learn comfortably and conveniently at your own-pace from

* Effective Learning
Innovative interactive and instructional design pioneered by
Lessons For Life keeps you engaged at an optimum level to
facilitate effective language learning.

Lessons for Life - English is a full immersion, multimedia language
learning program that caters to all individual learning styles. Its
friendly user-interface and simple, intuitive and clear navigation
makes learning with Lessons for Life - English an enjoyable and
rewarding experience.

Lessons For Life – English - Intermediate Level  is comprised of:
- 10 units
- 90 plus interactive activities, grammar exercises and tests
- 100 practical conversations

A perfect match of technology and learning.


•Fully comprehensive - covers all essential skills
•Content based on internationally accepted curricula
•Individual learning styles are considered
•User-friendly interface with simple, intuitive and clear navigation in English
•4 language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening
•Animated activities
•Video and audio clips with written text support
•Topic-based study
•Practical daily conversations 
•Animated characters in real environments
•Ability to watch, listen and stop conversations and sounds at any point
•Practice in pronunciation, formation and use of grammar points
•Rules and hints pages explaining how grammar works

Topics include:

•Learning English
•Job Applications
•The Arts
•Review 1
•Public Speaking
•The News
•Review 2

This program uses themes around which to develop a range of 
literacy and English skills including reading, spelling, writing,
dictation, listening, and grammar.

Developed by:
Lessons for Life - English is developed by a team of expert English
language teachers from leading Australian universities and language
schools with international teaching experience.

Designed for:
Lessons For Life - English is designed for:
- ESL students  (English as a Second Language)
- ESL business
- Standard or remedial English classes in High School and late Primary School.
- Remedial work for learners who need additional English practice and
  is equally useful for extension activities for more able learners.

Lessons For Life - English can be used by:
- yourself
- as part of a course of study,
- to supplement any level of English language study

System Requirements
Windows Operating System:Intel Pentium/Celeron/AMD 233Hz or faster,
Windows Vista, XP, ME, 2000, 98, NT4, 16 MB RAM; 1024x768 resolution;
2xCD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive; 16-bit Windows compatible sound card;
100MB disk space.

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